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logID Lesson Name Topics Covered
plgm1.0 geometry primer definitions, classifying, naming angles
plgm1 angles, definitions, parallel lines opposite angles, angles and parallel lines
plgm1b all about angles naming, measuring, constructing angles
plgm1c symmetry: first concepts line or axis of symmetry, symmetric figures
plgm1d ratio and proportion properties of ratios and proportions
plgm1.2 similar figures in 2 dimensions similar figures: sides, perimeter, area ratios
plgm1.3 similar solids similar solids: ratio of sides, area, volume
plgm1.4.0 points, lines, solids definitions of geometric figures
plgm1.4 prisms Area and Volume of prisms and pyramids
plgm1.4.1 circular solids Area and Volume of cones, spheres, cylinders
plgm1.5 perimeter and area Measuring outside and inside
plgm1.5.0 perimeter and area basics Definitions, perimeter & area in 2-dimensions
plgm1a triangles: angles and sides classifying triangles by angles and sides
plgm2 two special right triangles the isosceles and 30º, 60º, 90º triangles.
plgm2.1 midpoint theorems (triangles) 2 theorems on midpoints of sides
plgm2.2 Pythagrorean Theorem the square on the hypotenuse
plgm3 4 triangle theorems angle bisector, right triangle ratio theorems
plgm3.1 congruent triangle theorems side-angle-side, side-side-side, angle-side-angle
plgm3.2 proving deductions, examples using SSS, SAS, ASA to prove deductions
plgm2.3 Polygons angles, apothem, area of regular polygons
plgm2.4 Quadrilaterals classifying, perimeter, area of quadrilaterals
plgm4 circles 1: definitions, metric theorems theorems on chords, secants and tangents
plgm4.1 circles first principles definitions, circumference, area
plgm4.1a more circles angles in a circle, sectors, arcs, area
plgm5 circles 2: arcs and angle measures theorems on degree measure of arcs, angles
plgm6 circle geometry questions arcs, angles, proofs, multiple guess
plgm6sl solutions for circle questions solutions
gr8xrcrplygn grade 8 circle, polygon exercises arc lengths, sector areas, polygon angles


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