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logID file name topic covered
fct10 relations, ordered pairs Cartesian products, relations, domain, range
fct11 sets and relations definition, finite, infinite, null sets, venn diagrams
fct13 from tables to graphs data tables to graphs
fct9 range, properties range, periodic functions, variation
fct4 functions definitions, properties, domain, piecewise defined, notation
fct3 algebra of functions composition of functions
fct5 inverse functions restricting domain, finding inverse rule, graphing inverse
fct7 math models function templates and images
fct1 finding the rule rule of correspondence, function templates
logID file name topic covered
fct6 linear functions the linear equation as a function
fct8 quadratic function graphing parabolas (quadratic functions)
fct8.1 quadratic function2 finding the rule, word problems
fct2 absolute value function function, properties, equations, inequalities, word problems
fct12 square root function square root function
fct19 greatest integer (step) function steps up, steps down, open left or open right
fct18 first degree rational function dealing with those dreaded fraction functions
fct17 the exponential function growth and decay curves, sketching graphs
fct14 rules of logs, change of base logs of products, quotients, powers; change of base
fct15 the log function properties and graphs of log functions
fct16 exponential, log equations solving equations with logs and exponentials
logID file name topic covered
536fctrv level 5 functions review questions on all functions on 536/26 course
536fctrvsl solutions for level 5 functions review questions on all functions on 536/26 course solutions


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