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MathRoom Services

Live Online Math Tutoring   CÉGEP Homework Help
Student and tutor meet in the Virtual Classroom at WiZiQ. Students must have compatible equipment and communication skills to make things efficient.

Subscribe for regularly scheduled sessions, or choose Exam-Cram Tutorials for single or multiple lessons as needed.

  Cégep math help in Differential and Integral Calculus , Linear Algebra, Functions, Statistics, Quantitative Methods. Personalized "Quick Lessons" in the Virtual Classroom at WiZiQ.

Available by monthly subscription or "exam-cram tickets".

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Independent Study   Live In-Person Tutoring
Become your own math tutor with MathRoom Lessons and the MathRoom Method. Learn the simplicity of math along with techniques to improve your memory.

With a Basic Subscription for $30/month, you get access to the library of over 400 lessons, exercises, tests and exams -- all with full solutions to teach yourself all the math you need. If you need follow up with a tutor, you can book a tutorial online at WizIQ.

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  As of September 2011, I will be living in Sept-Iles, Quebec so my live tutees will come from the local population . I create personalized exercises and lessons for my tutees and post them online, so must be near my computer, therefore my students come to me.

current rates

$45/hr. single weekly student
$50/hr. single occasional student
$35/hr each 2-students (weekly or occasional)
$30/hr each 3-students (weekly or occasional)

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