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What they say about the MathRoom Mathster

Hi Tammy,

I just wanted to tell you that I made Math 436!!!! I am so happy and I thank you so much because I wouldn't have made it without your help! I got my report card today and I wanted to share the good news. I want to start doing some Math 436 with you, so I'll take a few weeks off and my mom will call you end of July. Thanks a million Tammy,

Regards, Fernando

Tammy the Tutor truly is the Mathster. While most teachers and tutors know the math well, Tammy knows how to teach it well. I went to Tammy after failing Calculus, to be tutored by supposedly "the best". My attitude was: "This is pointless, I'm just not good at math." but was I ever wrong! Tammy was the first tutor to actually help me understand the material as opposed to helping me memorize formulas. I studied with Tammy for one month before my final exam during which I learned more than I did with 2 tutors and a Calculus teacher in the four previous months . Needless to say, though I had a 48% average going into an exam worth 35%, I passed the course! Thanks Tammy! Corey Krakower, Tutee

No lie, Tammy the Tutor is the best math tutor in town! When I began a course in Calculus 1, I didn't know what to do or how to study. Tammy taught me how to study and how to think for myself. She helped me through Calculus 1 and 2. By the time I reached Linear Algebra, she had achieved her main objective -- which she'd explained to me during our first session -- that I be able to study and understand the math by myself. Well, now I can. If she can do it for me, she can do it for you. Avi Saskin – tutee, math enthusiast (now).

Tammy's help not only made me pass math, but I was able to raise my mark to over 80%! Thanks Tammy! Norman Hébert, tutee through high school and college math.

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Tammy the Tutor is probably the best math teacher you will ever have. She manages to not only make learning math easy, but also funny. Her online lessons are excellent. Kristen Goeke, tutee, McGill student.

Learning from the MathRoom Lessons is much better than going to class. I can wear nothing if I want to, turn on the fan , drink cold drinks or do my math at 3 a.m. when it's cool. This is the way to learn math. Jonathan, cont. ed. student

Tammy, This stuff is great !! It is a long time since I have been inside a math text book, but you seem to make it all so straight forward. I also like your "So Youre Writing a Math Exam" article. Good luck with the site. Dr. John the tooth guy.

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I don't know anything about math, and to be honest (I know you're not gonna like reading this but.....) I never was interested in maths. But travelling in your mathroom makes me want to learn maths. I simply LOVE the way you talk to us. The way you explain things. The images in your texts are so clear and colorfull. I LOVE IT! "Monster Pig" after his first visit to The MathRoom.

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