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Subscription Rates

The MathRoom's aim is not to do your math for you!

But to help you learn how to do it by yourself!

All subscribers must acquire MathType software


to participate.


"a buck a day" -- $30/month -- all months are 30 days


Online Homework Help Math Chat
Discussions Online Folders


1 free MathMail Stamp ($15 value)

1 free MathRoom Lesson + article "What Good Is Math?"


Math-Mail Stamps   Exam-Cram Tickets*
$15 each, 2 for $25
student & tutor exchange e-mail
you get
Up to 2 exchanges + 1 lesson on topic.
Response delay less than 24 hours.

  $20/ ticket
you get

20 minute live chat session
or 2 MathMail Stamps
+ 1 MathRoom Lesson on topic
+ "Guide to Writing a Math Exam"
* open to non-subscribers

Online Live Tutoring   MathRoom Lessons
$1.00/minute -- blocks of 10 min.
minimum 20 minutes
you get

20 minute live chat session with
file exchange via MSN chat or WiZiQ virtual classroom.

(software specific) + Lesson if needed.

  price depends on quantity ordered
single topics or course collections
Files uploaded to your online personal
password protected folder.

Use the MathRoom Method to
become a Math Whiz.

Not sure what to pick?

Try an Exam-Cram Ticket for $20 before your
next quiz. Then decide what's best for you.

All prices in Canadian dollars


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