November 2011

Dear Students & Parents

On the 18th of August, 2011, I moved back to Sept-Iles (thank goodness!!) because I couldn't stand the crowded, smelly, noisy, dirty, polluted city environment any longer!!! This did not put an end to math tutorials for my Montreal students -- it just meant we have to go modern -- and meet in a Virtual Classroom on the Internet.

Our online tutorials at WizIQ have been as enjoyable and efficient as our live ones have been, with the class recordings (available 24/7) as an added bonus. If you need tutoring, join me online. Here's a description of how things work and a list of important information and instructions which you must follow precisely! You will have to be vigilant and pay close attention to schedules and communication by e-mail.

This power point presentation will help prepare you for participation.

information and instructions

E-mail tutor with information:

Download MathType Software:

IMPORTANT!! Disable your virus protection during download,
then re-enable it afterwards.

Feedback after the Tutorial:

Payment PRIOR to Tutorial:

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