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logID Lesson Name Topic Covered
Simplifying, Basic Operations
alg1 simplifying expressions 1 commutative, associative, distributive properties,
alg1a simplifying expressions 2 positive, negative, rational exponents,
alg1b removing brackets basic simplifying, collecting like terms
alg2 foil & squaring binomials foil, squaring binomials
alg3 rational exponents and radicals extracting and combining roots, rationalizing
Formulas, Factoring & Fractions
alg4.0 Reformatting Formulas changing formulas to solve for variables
alg4.1 factoring common, difference of squares, cubes
alg4.2 trinomial factoring methods for factoring trinomials
alg5.1 fractions-1 multiplication, division of fractions
alg5.2 fractions-2 adding, subtracting, split-level fractions
Equations, Systems, Word Problems, Inequalities
alg6.0 expressions and equations from English words to algebra statements
alg6.0a equations-1 solving simple equations
alg6.0b equations-2 solving equations with fractions
alg6.1 linear equations solving simple linear equations
alg6.1a absolute value equations solving absolute value equations
alg6.1b solving word problems from English, to algebra, to solutions
alg6.1b1 solving word problems 2 basic steps from equation to solution
alg6.1c solving motion problems distance, rate or speed and time questions
alg6.2 Quadratic Equations solving quadratic equations
alg6.3 Rational Equations equations with fractions
alg6.4 Radical Equations solving equations with square roots
alg6.5 Systems of Equations elimination, substitution, mixed systems
alg7 Inequalities linear, quadratic, rational, absolute value
Symbols, Instruction
alg8 Symbols list math symbols, meanings
algprm Algebra Primer the language of algebra
Intermediate (Finite) Algebra Lessons
alg9 Imaginary & Complex Numbers definitions, i, algebra of Complex numbers
alg9.1 Equations with Complex Numbers solving equations with Complex numbers
alg10 Counting Possibilities factorials, permutations, combinations
alg11 The Binomial Theorem Pascal's triangle, expanding ( a + b ) n , coefficients
alg12 Working with Summations Summation Theorems and Formulae
Practice Exercises and Tests
algexer Algebra Exercises practice questions on all topics listed above
algexersl Algebra Exercises Solutions solutions for Algebra Exercises
alggr8wrdprb Grade 8 word problems solving with simple equations
exponentexr Practice with Exponents root signs to exponents, negative exponents
inequalsexr Grade 9 Inequalities power point exercise on inequlities with solns
factrev Factoring review all methods of factoring polynomials
algsystxr Solving Linear Systems Assignment explanation & practice on solving systems
algtst algebra test test on all algebra lessons
algsln algebra test solutions full solutions for algebra test questions


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