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Lessons in the Calculus 1 MathRoom
logID File Name Topic Covered
caldtbx Whole Course "Toolbox" outline of & notes for Calculus I (science)
cald1 algebraic limits algebraic, abs value , one-sided , piecewise defined
cald9 limit theorems limits, at infinity, even-odd theorem
cald13 trig limits limits of (sin h) / h, (1 - cos h) / h, other trig limits
cali5 l'Hopital's Rule finding limits easily with l'Hopital's rule
cald3 continuity test for continuity, classic exam question
cald8 increments & differentials small changes, increments, differentials
cald6a definition of the derivative Newton's quotient, alternative definition of derivative
cald6b exponential and log derivatives derivatives of exponential and logarithmic functions
cald6 derivative rules with examples differentiation of all kinds of functions
cald5 derivative as a rate of change velocity, acceleration, marginal cost, revenue
cald5a power, product & quotient rule differentiating with power, product & quotient rule
cald5b the chain rule differentiating composite functions with the Chain Rule
cald7 implicit & log diff implicit and logarithmic differentiation
cald12 Rolle's & Mean Value Theorems Rolle's thm, Mean V. thm for derivatives
cald4 curve sketching 1st and 2nd derivative tests to sketch curves
cald10 max-min problems optimization, examples with diagrams
cald11 related rates problems related rates word problems
cald2 antiderivatives antidifferentiation, differential equations
Assignments & Review Questions
logID File Name Topic Covered
precalxr pre-calculus review exercise inequalities, lines and circles equations
asgn1 cal I assignment #1 (with solns) limits, piecewise defined limits, continuity
asgn2 cal I assignment #2 (with solns) derivatives, implicit, higher order derivatives
asgn3 cal I assignment #3 implicit, related rates, differentials, curve sketching
asgn3sl assignment #3 Solutions solutions for questions on above
asgn4 assignment #4 (with solns) inverse trig functions, derivatives, maximize problem
maxmins max/min problems optimization word problems
mormaxmins more max/min problems word problems on optimizing (with solutions)
asgn5 assignment #5 (with solns) exponential, logarithmic derivatives
caldxmsrv cal I Xmas review questions on limits, derivatives, velocity, acceleration, graphs
caldxmsrvsl cal I Xmas review solutions solutions for questions on cal I Xmas review
Tests & Exams
caldtest1 Test #1 Inequalities, Limits, Derivatives
caldtest1sl Test #1 Solutions Solutions for questions on test #1
caldtest2 Test # 2 differentials, related rates, optimization, mean value thm,
caldtest2sl Test # 2 Solutions Solutions for questions on test # 2
caldtest3 Test # 3 log, exponential & implicit derivatives, graphs, antiderivatives
caldtest3sl Test # 3 Solutions Solutions for questions on test # 3
caldfnlxm Final Exam questions on entire course
caldfnlxmsl Final Exam Solutions solutions for questions on entire course


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