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High School Stats
logID file name topics covered
st1 mean, median, mode exercises statistics questions on mean, median, mode
st2 experiments, outcomes, probability listing outcomes and events for experiments.
436stsqs final exam questions on statistics questions from parts A, B and C of former exams
st536 level 5 statistics lesson mean, standard deviation, Z-score, correlation, regression

Data Gathering and Display
  data gathering and sampling  
  measures of central tendency  
st3mspos measures of position box-&-whisker plots, quartiles, quintiles, percentiles
logID file name topics covered
cgpst-01 counting possibilities factorials, permutations, combinations
cgpst-01a The Binomial Theorem Pascal's triangle, expanding ( a + b ) n , coefficients
cgpst-02 Probability Concepts classical, relative frequency, subjective concepts
cgpst-02a Probability Rules, Odds rules for (A or B), (A and B), Venn diagrams, odds
cgpst-02b Conditional & Joint Probability conditional probability, independent events, formulas
Random Variables and Probability Distributions
cgpst-4 random variables, distributions probability distributions from random variables.
cgpst-3 Binomial, Poisson distributions probability and discrete distributions
cgpst-5 The Normal Distribution using the Z-curve to find probabilities
cgpst-6 Normal Approximations from Binomial & Poisson to Normal
cgpst-7 The Central Limit Theorem many samples and the Normal distribution
cgpst-1 sampling distribution of µ sampling distribution of the means
Evaluating Sampling Error with Confidence Intervals
cgpst-2 Confidence Intervals-1 large sample confidence intervals for a population mean
cgpst-2.1 Confidence Intervals-1.1 small sample confidence intervals for a population mean
cgpst-2.2 Confidence Intervals-2 confidence intervals about a population proportion
cgpst-2.3 Confidence Intervals-2.1 confidence intervals about difference of population means.
hyptsts1 Tests on a Mean or Proportion large & small sample tests on a mean or proportion
using the Normal & students-t distributions.
hyptsts1qs hypothesis test questions1 hypothesis tests on means and proportions -- practice
  Tests on Differences tests on differences of mean or proportion
comparing populations, "before and after" tests
logID file name topics covered
asgn1 Assignment #1(with soln's) counting principles, permutations, combinations etc.
asgn2 Assignment #2(with soln's) odds, probabilities, binomial, z- normal distribution,
asgn3 Assignment #3 (with soln's) confidence intervals about a sample mean
asgn4 Assignment #4 (with soln's) Hypothesis Testing on means (Large Samples)
asgn5 Assignment #5 Hypothesis Testing, Contingency Tables, other tests
asgn5sl solutions for Assignment #5 same as Assignment #5
Tests and Exams
logID file name topics covered
stats-tst1 Test #1 on Cégep Stats Course counting, probability, conditional probability
stats-tst1sl Solutions for Test #1 same as test #1
stats-tst2 Test #2 on Cégep Stats Course probability, odds, binomial distribution, finding z-scores
stats-tst2sl Solutions for Test #2 same as test #2
stats-tst3A Test #3A on Cégep Stats Course Hypothesis Testing
stats-tst3Asl Solutions for Test #3A same as test #3A
statsfinalex1 Final Exam1 on Stats Course all topics on Math 307 Stats course
statsfinalexsl Solutions for Final Exam1 same as Final Exam1


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