Sept. '50 - June '52:

Attended Kindergarten and Grade 1 at Jewish Peretz School in Montreal, Québec.

Sept. '52 - June '64:

Attended elementary and high school at Queen Elizabeth Elementary School and Percival County High School in Val d'Or, Quebec. My high school courses were a mixed bag of sciences and arts, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Literature, History, Geography, and Typing.

Sept. '64 - June '65:

Attended Macdonald College, the education faculty of McGill University and received a
Class II Teaching Diploma.

Sept. '67 - June '71:

Attended McGill University in Montreal and received a B.A. with emphasis in mathematics -- 11 of my 21 courses were math, the rest were French Literature, Psychology and Sociology.

Sept. '74 - May '77:

Attended Sir George Williams Campus of Concordia University in Montreal and received a Masters in the Teaching of Mathematics degree. My thesis was an animated film teaching the concepts of surface area at approximately the grade 6 level.


1) Sept. '65 - June '67:

I taught all subjects to grade 6 students at Devonshire School in Montreal -- an inner city school in which the majority of students were immigrants of Greek or Chinese origin and thus were limited in their knowledge of English. I directed 2 choirs made up of students in grades 4 to 7 and staged a number of concerts for Protestant School Board members and other groups of interested educators.

2) Sept. '69 - June ' 71:

I taught high school mathematics to 3rd and 4th year students at Westmount High School in Montreal.

3) Sept. '71 - June '73:

I taught Geometry, Algebra and Functions to all level high school students at Northmount High School in Montreal. I also taught a guitar course as well as some humanities courses.

4) Sept. '73 - August '84:

I taught mathematics including Calculus, Linear Algebra, college Algebra and Trigonometry as well as Business math to CEGEP students at Champlain Regional College in St. Lambert, Quebec. During my time there, I participated in extracurricular activities including directing and producing Kurt Vonnegut's play "Happy Birthday Wanda June".

5) April '88 - June '97:

I taught Calculus I and II, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Remedial Math, Quantitative Methods and an Introductory Computer course to CEGEP students at the Cégep de Sept-Iles in Sept-Iles, Quebec. I also taught continuing ed. courses in Secondary V math. to adult students for the Protestant School Board of Greater Seven Islands.

6) June and July '88:

I taught English as a Second Language to summer students aged 9 - 16 at
Préville Fine Arts Centre in Brossard, Quebec under the direction of Belva Thomas.

7) March - June '99:

I replaced a teacher at Marianopolis College who had been stuck down by a brain aneurysm. I taught Math 337, Statistics.

8) September '98 – August 2011: I ran a live, in-person and online tutoring service known as The MathRoom Learning Service. I tutored Secondary and Cégep students as well as University students taking basic math review courses.


For many years, I worked as a camp counselor and section head at Camp Pembina, one of the largest summer camps in the Laurentians north of Montreal, with campers between the ages of 5 and 16. I taught music, singing and drama, and participated in all sorts of outdoor sports as well as many arts and crafts projects.

I've taught guitar and math privately since my University days and so have experienced teaching on a one to one basis as well as in the classroom milieu.

After my resignation from Champlain Regional College, I taught improvisational comedy to a group of teenagers, and song writing to Concordia University students. I also operated a tutoring service for students of all levels and worked with high school, junior college and university students.

I have written two books: one entitled "Sinostrology: A Guide to the Zoo" on Chinese astrology, and the other, entitled "Luther and the Pig", which is a musical children's story based on Chinese Astrology. (There are four songs associated with the story.)

Two of my poems have been published in American Poetry Anthologies and another has been published on a calendar. In 1983, the lyrics to one of my songs was amongst the winners in the international American Song Festival. The introduction to my book on Chinese Astrology was published in the Psychic Registry in June '87.

From August, 1988 until June, 1997, I lived in Sept-Iles and taught English as a second language to private students, and offered a I Ching (Ee Jing) service to the population at large, mainly in French. I also ran seminars on both Chinese Astrology and the I Ching and did many radio interviews on various topics for the CBC in both languages.

In June, 1990, Les Editions de Mortagne in Boucherville, Québec published the French translation of my Chinese Astrology book. I also recorded one of my songs; Chant d'Amour -- a love song to the Fleuve -- to be included in the soundtrack of a documentary on the Saint Lawrence River, broadcast on Télémetropole's "Le Match de la Vie" on Sept. 11, 1990.

In October, 1990, I won a province-wide essay writing contest (in French) on the topic LE CEGEP: UNE PRESENCE ESSENTIELLE, the text of which was published in the Montreal newspaper, La Presse.(English Version click here)

I spent July 1990 through March 1991 translating from French into English, a book entitled "L'heritage sacré des peuples amérindien" by Luc Bourgault, a Québec shaman, musician and teacher.

My book entitled "Sinostrology: A Guide to the Zoo" was published in March 1998 by The American Federation of Astrologers. In July 1998, I was hired by The Academy for Math and Science, a Toronto firm with 46 franchised tutoring centres across Canada, to write, edit and record the math modules that are used by their students.

Since September 1998, I have run a math tutoring service out of my home in Montreal and have created a series of "MathRoom Lessons" including a Guide to Math 536 booklet as well as "Tool Boxes" for most math courses taught at the Cégep level. In September 1999, I completed writing Mathways Volume 1 -- on Pre-Calculus Algebra, Euclidean Geometry, and Analytic Geometry -- the first in a series of math workbooks I intend to publish on the web.

In October 2002, I published two "math bookmarks" -- plasticized reminder lists of formulae and information -- one which covers High School math, the other covers both Differential and Integral Calculus.

In May of 2003, I published a booklet entitled "Tammy the Tutor's Guide to Math 536" a study guide for senior high school students. I later developed the material in the booklet into the lessons in the Math 536 MathRoom.

I spent the time between July 2004 and the end of January 2005 creating MathRoom Lessons and building a web site to offer homework help, a library of lessons and live math tutoring online to Québec's Secondary and Cégep students. The site, was launched in February 2005. You can take a peek at my lessons at freebies.


During the opening months of 2007, I created 70 new lessons on Primary math covering the curriculums of grades 3 through 7. They can be found in the Primary MathRoom. In October 2007, I joined the team of prep101 a 10-year old company which organizes Exam-Cram workshops for University students. For the first time in a 42-year teaching career, I had to audition for a teaching post. They let the students choose the tutors and they hire less than 5% of their applicants for they hire only people with stellar teaching skills. Bravo!

In April 2008, under my contract with Prep101, I conducted a 12-hour prep session with a group of students from the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) to prepare them for their final exam in a Statistics course. They claimed they learned more Statistics from me in the 12 hours we spent together, than they did from their profs over 13 weeks with 3 hours per week.

In November of 2009, in collaboration with the Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL) at McGill University, I presented a day-long seminar entitled "Analyze This!" to help teachers of Secondary 3, 4, and 5 math courses better understand how to teach their students to see the pictures of algebraic functions and to use logical analysis to solve word problems.

Also in 2009, I opened a premium membership at WiZiQ -- an online virtual classroom in which there are multiple whiteboards and FULL SCREEN SHARING -- and best of all -- the sessions are recorded and saved online in both the teacher's and students' accounts. Since then, I have tutored students in foreign countries as well as local students who live far away -- so save travel time and money by meeting with me online.

In November 2010, I presented 2 workshops for High School Math teachers. The 1st, entitled "Trig Tricks and Transformations" under the auspices of QAMT (Quebec Assn. of Math Teachers) took place at Lower Canada College; and the 2nd entitled "All Those Freakin' Functions" sponsored by QPAT (Quebec Provincial Assn. of Teachers) -- occurred at the Palais des Congres during the 2010 Annual Teachers' Convention.

I'm hoping that during 2011, I'm able to run a series of bi-monthly Pedagogical Development seminars online, for High School Math Teachers, throughout the Province of Québec, in order to improve the teaching of math on a grand scale with no travel costs and no hassle.

In August 2011 I moved back to Sept-Iles in order to begin work on a project with the continuing education department of the Cegep de Sept-Iles by the late fall, and I will continue to tutor my Montreal students online in a virtual classroom rather than in my apartment in the dirty, noisy, crowded city where they have to deal with traffic and bus schedules etc. Now we'll each sit down at our own computers in the comfort of our homes and we'll study math.

And, there's still a group of high school and Cégep (college) students who work online with these lessons, teaching themselves math with my MathRoom Method. They love it! They complain when they get only 95% on a test. They've also found their marks improve in all their subjects because they start talking them out loud too, like the MathRoom Method says to do.


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Sept-Iles, Quebec, G4R 5B7

#6 Préville Fine Arts Centre,
798 Perrier,
Brossard, Quebec.

#7 Protestant School Board of Greater Seven Islands,
530 rue Brochu,
Sept-Iles, QC, G4R 2X3.

#8 The Academy for Math and Science,
30 Glen Cameron Rd., Unit 200,
Thornhill, ON. L3T 1N7

#9 Marianopolis College,
3880 COTE DES Neiges,

#10 The Centre for Educational Leadership (McGill University)
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