all songs except 16 Tons words and music by Tammy


16 Tons the Merle Travis classic -- blues version
with Herb Ellis on guitar, Kenny Pearson on keyboards.
You load 16 tons and what do you get?
Another day older and you're deeper in debt.
Sailin' check out the fiddle part
Do some sailin' with good folks around you,
And life will be worth living everyday.
Chant d'Amour a love song to the Saint Lawrence
Je t'aime mon fleuve Saint Laurent.
Lovely Lovin' country/swing with a singable chorus -- so sing it.
You just let me know when you want it,
And I will give my lovely lovin' to you
Night I call this one my "Joni Mitchell" song -- played in open tuning.
Free from the chains of need, the rush of speed,
In my mind I'll take a ferry ride, with the tide...
San Diego Freeway Country/rock with sounds for everyone.
There were hawks riding thermals in the California sky.
To A Friend I wrote this one when I was 17 years old.
The hour has come for us to rhyme.
You Took the Time with a great sax-man.
You took the time to tell me what I mean to you.
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