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logID Lesson Name Topic Covered
Working with Numbers
arith1 Factors and Divisibility finding the factors of a number
arith1a prime factors, GCF and LCM greatest common factor, lowest common multiple,
arith2 Number Properties, Order of Operations how numbers behave, the order to do things.
arith3 Squares and Square Roots the idea of a square root, estimating roots
arith4.0 Multiplication Table Talk exploring the multiplication table
arith4a Multiplying Whole Numbers multiplication, column product method
multpractice Multiplication Practice lots of practice multiplying to speed you up
arith4b Dividing Whole Numbers division with small and large divisors, remainders
arith4d Ratios and Rates comparing, unit rates, converting to unit rates
arith4c Adding and Subtracting Integers positive and negative whole numbers, signs
arith4 Adding Integers an easy way to add and subtract whole numbers
arith5 Arithmetic Fractions reducing, equivalent and improper fractions
arith5a Ratios, Fractions, Lowest Terms writing ratios as fractions, reducing to lowest terms
arith5b More Fractions equivalent fractions, reducing, comparing
arith6 Fractions to Decimals changing fractions to equivalent decimals
arith6a Working with Decimals rounding, estimating, adding & subtracting decimals
arith6b Multiplying, Dividing Decimals multiplication and division of decimal numbers
arith6c Percent percent from decimals, fractions, increase, decrease
arith6d Money Matters coin values, working with money
arith7 Adding & Subtracting Fractions lowest common denominator, fractions
arith8 Scientific Notation putting large and small numbers in scientific form
arith9 Solving Word Problems with Math how to set up and solve word problems

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