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Plane Trig
logID Lesson Name Topics Covered
tr1 trig definitions, right triangles trig function definitions, solving right triangles
tr2 law of sines solving oblique triangles with the law of sines
tr3 law of cosines solving oblique triangles with the law of cosines
Coordinate Trig, Graphs, Properties of Trig Functions
logID Lesson Name Topics Covered
tr4 angles in standard position trig function values for angles on the axes
tr4.1 radians & arc length degrees to radians, arc length
tr4.1a the unit circle (x, y) becomes (cos A, sin A)
tr4.2 properties of sinusoidal curves properties of sine and cosine graphs
tr4.3 graphing sine and cosine curves graphing transformed sinusoidal functions
tr4.3xr 536 trig exercise finding the rule from images
tr4.4 graphs of tangent curves graphing f (x) = a tan b(x – h) + k
tr5 trig identities proving identities, basic and composite angles
tr5.1 solving trig equations trig equations in degrees and radians
tr6 inverse trig functions inverse trig functions domain, range, graphs
Assignments, Quizes, Tests & Exams
logID Exercise Topics Covered
trdefnsxr trig definitions practice sine, cosine and tangent ratios, inverse trig functions
tr536qz math 536 quiz on trig topics identities, graphs, exact values, degrees, radians
tr536qzsl solutions for math 536 quiz full solutions with images for trig quiz


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