Preparing to write a math exam is very much like preparing to do anything that demands skill, knowledge and intelligence -- it's a process !! -- not an event. You don't prepare to write a high school or college math exam in an hour or two, just as you don't prepare to fly a 747 in a few days. Demanding tasks take time! Your problem however is that you don't have time. You've only got until next Wednesday, you've fallen behind in the course -- and you're about to panic.

Well, panic not good knaves -- (lord, I've suddenly gone Shakespearean!!) -- for help is on the way. Here's a study guide to help you prepare for those upcoming math exams. Follow the guide and I can almost guarantee success -- but you have to follow it precisely and efficiently -- after all, that's what math is all about -- precision and efficiency.

aunty tammy's guide to passing math exams

As with all important stuff in life, preparing for this exam is a three-tiered undertaking. You have to work on:

  1. your study habits,
  2. your lifestyle
  3. your performance on the exam.

Approach this task as if it were preparation for some sports event -- a volleyball game or a golf match. In either of those two cases, you'd practice, watch your eating and sleeping habits as well as keep yourself out of messy emotional situations if possible -- and then you'd play the game with extreme awareness -- pacing yourself -- so as to play your best. Well that's exactly what you want to do in preparation for this exam.

1. study habits

2. lifestyle

3. writing the exam

Follow these simple rules and you'll not only find that you're passing your math exams, you'll be amazed at how high your marks are.


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