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Article: What the Heck is a Linear Equation Anyway????

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logID file name topic covered
agm01 transformations translations, reflections moving points on the Cartesian Plane
agm02 rotations about the origin 90°, 180°, 270° clockwise, counterclockwise rotations
agm1 points and distances Cartesian plane, midpoint, distance formula
agm2 point of division internal, external division point for line segment
agm3.1 lines and their equations slope, point/slope, 2-point method
agm3.2 parallels and intercepts lines // axes, intercepts, slope from intercepts
agm3.3 forms of the linear equation general, standard, symmetric forms of linear equation
agm3.4 parallel and perpendicular lines equations of parallel and perpendicular lines
agm4 distance from a point to a line perpendicular distance, between parallels
agm5 synthetic proofs & word problems analytic proofs and solutions
agcon1 equations of circles circles center (0, 0) and (h, k)
agcon2 equations of tangents to circles given point of contact, from external point
agcon3 conics3 ellipse, hyperbola, parabola
agm6 graphing inequalities intersections of regions in the plane
agm7 optimizing: polygon of constraints maximums and minimums, target objectives
logID file name topic covered
agm8 final questions on analytic geometry math 436 exam questions
agm8sl solutions for agm8 solutions
436qdrpr word problems on parabolas 4 word problems on quadratic function
436qdrprsl solutions word problems on parabolas solutions 4 word problems on quadratic function
agmex1 practice questions points, distances and lines
lngr2eq lines: graphs to equations find the equation of a line from its graph (y = mx + b)
agmtst analytic geometry test points, lines, circles, parabolas, graphing
agmtstsln solutions for analytic geometry test points, lines, circles, parabolas, graphing


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