436 Word Problems on Parabolas

1) The "golden" arches that form the M at McDonald's restaurants are parabolas.
From the diagram, find the rules of correspondence that apply to the 2 arches.

measures are in meters.

For the next 2 questions, make a diagram on graph paper. It really helps!!

2) A barge that floats with its surface ½ m. above the water is transporting
a generator measuring 3 m. wide, 3 m. long and 4 m. high
when it reaches a point where it must go under a bridge.
The arch of the bridge is a parabola with rule of correspondence .

a) Will the top of the generator pass under the bridge without touching the concrete?

b) By how many meters does the generator clear or not clear the bridge?

3) On March 1st, 2001, Donald bought 100 shares of a stock costing $50 per share.
By the first of June, the stock was worth $14 per share and then the price
began to rise and kept rising until Donald sold the stock on February 28th, 2002.
If the price followed a parabolic curve corresponding to the information above:

a) Write the rule of correspondence for this function.

b) For how many months was the price of the stock less than $23?

c) How much money did Donald lose in the first 3 months?

d) In what month did the stock regain its original value of $50?

e) What was Donald's total profit from the sale of his shares a year after purchase?.



In the strange town of Parabola City, all the residential streets are
intersecting parabolas as shown. All measures are in meters.
On Ovoid street, we find Jaclyn's House at the north end, Viv's House at the East end,
Steve's and Zack's houses at the West and South ends respectively.
There are paved paths crossing the center as shown. 2 quadrangles are a grassy park,
while the other two are triangular plots for community gardens.
The path joining Viv's to Steve's is the x-axis, and the line perpendicular to it
through Steve's house is the y-axis. The 2 rules of correspondence are shown.

a) Find the coordinates of 1) Jaclyn's house 2) Zack's house
  3) Viv's house 4) Steve's house.

b) What is the distance across the park from Jaclyn's to Zack's?

c) If Viv walks at 15 meters per second, how long will she take to reach Jaclyn's
via the paths crossing the park?

d) The bushes that form the hedges of the gardens are planted 1.5 meters apart.
How many of these bushes must we plant to complete both hedges?

e) If the bushes cost $7.95 each, what will it cost to plant the hedges?




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