Numbers are Angles & New Math by Tom Lehrer

Did you ever wonder why the numbers we write are shaped the way they are?
This power point presentation explains it.

It came to me from a friend who sent it to a friend ... you know the rest.
When I received it, I concluded from some text I found, that someone in Spain
had created it for a school project.

(I've got my friends in Spain looking for the original author.)

The original English text was strange in places, so
I edited it and changed the soundtrack from Andean flutes to jazz.


Important Note: I was unable to get the thing to end so you may have to just close your browser window to exit from it. If you watch it in Full Screen View, you might be able to right click and select "End Show". You might have to do it twice. If that doesn't work, try right click and "Edit Slides". Then you can exit. You might also be able to use your back button to return to this page.

here it is. click this link: numbers are angles

And a special treat!!!! Tom Lehrer's "New Math" -- lipsynched by an appreciative fan.
After you listen, read up on Tom Lehrer and listen to some more of his songs.

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