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The MathRoom Cal-Prep Review covers basic concepts and techniques of pre-calculus math. Calculus I investigates tangent slopes and rates of change, so you need to know these concepts and techniques intuitively as well as use them with precision and efficiency if you intend to pass the course that so many fail.

The Cal-Prep Course Covers







The course proceeds like this:

The course is designed for independent study after an
introductory online session with Tammy the Tutor.

It includes lessons, and practice exercises with full solutions, so you can progress at your own pace, correcting your own work as you go. However, to increase motivation, you will have to complete the course within 2 weeks of sign-up. During your 2 week study course, when you're struggling with a concept or problem and need help, you'll use the MathMail and/or FastFix features of my site. Once you've completed the lessons and exercises, you can choose to meet with me once more -- live or online -- to deal with outstanding problems and/or to identify topics that need more work. If needed, I will recommend which MathRoom lessons to study to ensure you're ready to ace your Calculus course.

for more information and/or to sign up

send an e-mail to Tammy the Tutor

with "cal-prep" in the subject line.

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